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"Intentional Pursuit" hardbound book

"Intentional Pursuit" hardbound book

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Stephanie Huxter shows how it is possible to juggle life and spend intentional time with God. In an easy-to-read, approachable manner, Stephanie offers women the opportunity to lay down their to-do list and make room for God to move. Full of beautiful inspiration and practical application, this book will awaken your desire for a more dynamic faith.

This is not your average book, it is as beautiful as it is practical.

Hardbound cover, 8” x 10”, 245 pages

Includes full-color imagery, personal stories, spiritual exercises, and family recipes. 

Printed in Charleston, SC



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What people are saying:

"Our time at the Huxter home feels much like my time reading this beautiful book: an open door welcoming you home. Welcome to a new way of doing life. Welcome to the best part of life. Welcome to the source of life: God Himself. May Stephanie's insights and love grow your faith as they have mine. God's door is always open; come on in!"

—Lara Casey, author of Cultivate: A Grace-Filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life

"Within a few minutes of being in Stephanie's presence, you know she's a woman who lives deeply rooted in the presence of God. But what's life-changing about being led and loved by someone like her is that as serious as she is about truth, everything she does is threaded with grace and compassion. That's why Intentional Pursuit is such a gift. It's a guidebook and a gift from a woman who knows the way to the throne room of grace and will let you follow her as she follows Jesus, without shame. Enjoy this book, her leadership, and the wild fruit that God will grow in your life."

—Jess Connolly, Bible teacher and author of Breaking Free from Body Shame and You Are The Girl For The Job

"With grace and good humor, Stephanie offers practical tips and a hefty dose of encouragement for those seeking fresh inspiration on their faith journey. Much more than a how-to manual, this beautiful gift book provides an all-encompassing approach to study, prayer, listening, worship, and rest. Intentional Pursuit helps readers create sustainable rhythms of renewal and deepen their understanding of who God is through His Word. In doing so, it offers fresh hope to a weary world and a vision of what a profoundly intimate relationship with Jesus can look like in our everyday life."

—Kristin Demery, author of One Good Word a Day and The One Year Daily Acts of Kindness Devotional

"Rarely does one find a book that gets to the heart of the matter while also offering tangible and practical next steps. Stephanie weaves in stories of everyday life but also manages to capture otherworldly thoughts about the longings of our souls. These deep and wide thoughts are offered alongside captivating images that draw us into her story, making the reader want to know how to achieve that level of intimacy with God. Wherever your journey with God is before reading the book, Intentional Pursuit will take you to the next level."

—Deb Hopper, author

"As a pastor, I always look for beautiful, helpful resources that inspire women to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus and experience His extravagant love for them. Intentional Pursuit does all of that and more. Beautifully designed and thoughtfully written, Intentional Pursuit is the perfect companion for the Christian woman who desires more out of her relationship with Jesus."

—Shannon Phelps, pastor, REVÉ Church, San Diego, CA

"No one is better suited to write this book than my dear friend Stephanie. Intentional Pursuit is what I see lived out in her day-to-day life: for herself, her family, and everyone she invites into her home. She truly is a master at creating structure and sustainable rhythms in lifestyle and spiritual development. This book is desperately needed in the busy grind of our culture, offering a deep breath and a fresh next step with God!"

—April Knight, founder of Well Crafted Retreats

Table of Contents

Foreword by Lara Casey
1: God Pursues Us First
2: But I’m too Busy!
3: Intentional Study
4: Intentional Prayer
5: Intentional Listening
6: Intentional Worship
7: Intentional Rest
8: Establishing Sustainable Rhythms
9: The Fruit Faithfulness
10: Solo Retreat
11: Group Retreat

In this book, the reader will:

• Establish a sustainable quiet time routine
• Learn how to eliminate distractions
• Be trained in how to discern God’s voice
• Replace stagnant prayer with an intimate conversation
• Learn how to invite God into their everyday life
• Receive everything needed for solo and group retreats, including itineraries, meal plans, and spiritual exercises
• Cultivate consistency and self-discipline
• Identify things that hinder closeness with God
• Be encouraged to invite God into your everyday life
• Find direction, confidence, and joy in their faith

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